Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon 01-13 – EN

Well, I don’t know what to say.

Basically, we took an existing English version of Kyoukaisen and went full-Kawakami on it like with our Italian release. We fixed some terms and translations, translated from Greek every DSA and added the reading as furigana, and conformed the scripts to be consistent with the js06 TL we’re used to read (that also comes with some honorifics, sorry if you don’t like them).

The encodes are the ones used in our Italian release, so 720p. The show is not native in a higher resolution, so don’t riot for a useless 1080p. As omake we added the clean raw of “Understanding the Far East” (or whatever) so you can use it. We didn’t have a dedicated typesetter for this release, so some signs may be lacking or be a bit derp. Feel free to steal anything you want from the Italian version.

Special thanks to Zurako and Commie for the base scripts, to js06.exe for being our Messiah, to my Spanish friend Raghe for reminding me to keep working on this, to R6|S for being a time-intensive distraction and to Mai Nakahara for being the voice of “Musashi”.


Horizon on the Borderline 01-13


Of course we also plan to release the S2, but only after the Peace of Westphalia. Over.


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  1. Avatar HurrDurrIvan
    HurrDurrIvan says:

    /kwk/ habitually redefines dedication.

  2. Avatar Dumah Brazorf
    Dumah Brazorf says:

    Horizon? That (boing boing) Horizon?