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  • Owari no Chronicle DC – EN

    Tes, eventually we did it.

    Since we got the original copy of the Drama CD, we had the autistic idea to subtitle it.



    I won’t waste time talking to you about the story and what this Drama CD is, because this English release is basically only for the bros of the Kawakami threads that already read the novel and know the events (everyone will stop to the nyaa link and never read this post tho).

    The files are hardsubbed because I want them to be seek-safe, but I’ll give you the archive with .ass, fonts, audio tracks and raw video if you want to check it, translate it in your own language or what else. Also, that feel when other Kawakami bros stalk my twitter ( ´_ゝ`)

    By the way double file: one with opus lossy audio to have the smallest filesize (blame mirkosp if you wanted .mp3 audio) and one with lossless FLAC audio track.

    Who worked (directly and indirectly) to this release:

    • js06: being our Savior and translating the novel
    • Max93: translating the new parts of the DC and managing the existent translations
    • Byakko: timing, video and the techincal stuff

    I have nothing else to say, then go ahead!


    Owari no Chronicle DC – English


    For all our Italian fellows, we’ll translate it in Italian too, but we wanted to do the english release first.

    Per gli italiani che ci segiuono, lo tradurremo anche in italiano quindi aspettate un po’ (>implying a qualcuno importi)

    Everyone! Let me say it here. The surname Sayama indicates a villain!